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Lent Term 2013

2nd women's VIII

Newnham Short Course (Lower VIIIs)

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Pembroke Regatta (2nd division)

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Lent Bumps

Bumped by Jesus II
One of our better starts saw us hold Jesus on station initially, but yet again our dreaded inability to settle to anything below 37 while racing resulted in a considerable drop in boat speed as we moved out of the start sequence. As Jesus closed in the rowing grew increasingly frantic (and ineffective) despite some good calls from Emma for us to settle, and they bumped us just before First Post corner.

Lessons of the day: 1) Our start is good, but the rest of the race needs some work.
2) Jesus should probably work on their holding-it-up skills - there was no need for us to join them in that tree.

Now that first day nerves are out of the way, more calm tomorrow will hopefully result in some more effective rowing and a significantly longer race! (Catherine)
Bumped by Newnham II
Our problem is boat speed - we don't have any. Small improvement in that we almost made it to First Post today. (Laura)
Rowed over
We did it!! We didn't spoon!

Today you proved you can row, you can push and you can aim high. Well done girls, it's been a pleasure rowing with you and I'm so proud of you all :) (Rebecca)
I am so proud of W2 for this race - even though unfortunately W1's race times meant I couldn't be there in person. Having spoken to many people in the crew over the course of the week and during breakfast on Saturday, I knew that many people in this crew were convinced that they would be receiving spoons.

When I saw W2 row past us and heard the elated shout "We rowed over!" I felt unbelievably happy! On seeing the photos of the race, I am even more impressed by the tenacity and cool-headedness that you must have shown to row with Pembroke sitting on your stern all the way from Ditton.

I know that not everything went to plan this term, and obviously the overall result for last week is disappointing. But races like Saturday's show that you are a crew with grit and determination, and I am very confident that you have a strong foundation on which to build for Mays.

Wlbcing you this term has been a pleasure. Bring on Mays! (Soph)
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