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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2012

Viper (Cup)

Coxed by: Tony Song

1st round
Beat Peterhouse NM1 by 4 lengths
After a rather rough start, we had a brief blades clash with Peterhouse. Peterhouse crabbed and the cox decided it was necessary to hold it up and restart so we took a pretty big lead. The lead gave us the opportunity to get some panic-free rowing in though at one point a whistle from the bank made several the crew stop rowing for a bit. Should only have stopped rowing if Tony called it, but either way we carried on soon enough and crossed the finish with lots of room to spare. (Sean)
2nd round
Beat Hughes Hall NM1 by 1 1/2 Lengths
A much better start than in round 1! Much thanks to Neil for all of the kit and food between round 1 and round 2. My left foot came out of the strap in the first or second stroke, but fortunately that did not cause any disruption as my right foot-strap held. Again, the opposition crabbed early on and we maintained a strong lead throughout the duration. (Sean)
Quarter finals
Lost to LMBC NM1 Easily
Following some time back at the boathouse, the first thing the crew did together was take a pee on some trees near the marshalling area. Hopefully it's true that 'a crew that pees together, rows together.' The start was decent. Unfortunately, Stan caught a crab in the early part of the race and it was difficult to recover and we lost quite a bit on Maggie NM1. We seemed to be gaining on them a bit once we recovered, though, as we could hear their concerted grunts getting closer. (Sean)

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