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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2012

1st women's IV (Student Senior IVs)

1st women's IV
in Sirens
bow Laura Fox 2 Angela Evans
3 Nina Kamcev str Daisy Gomersall

Coxed by: Yining Nie

3rd of 8 W Student Senior IVs
Time: 11:23:00
Marshalling next to barges is awkward.

This was a rather dramatic race! It was chilly and damp, and being handed an inhaler by my strokegirl might have been taken too lightly. Still, I think the race went quite well, despite a couple of wide lines and Daisy beginning to gasp less than halfway in - blades went in together, came out mostly together and moved some boat in between! Tiredness did begin to creep in through the last two minutes, but never had I seen such an effective response to a "spin the hands" call. The race ended with me screaming to come by some novice VIII that had set off three boats ahead of us, and our last ten strokes gave us half a length - a relatively good sign, I think. (Yining)

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