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Cambridge Autumn Regatta, Summer 2012

Miscellaneous men's VIIIs (CRA IM3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova

Beat Chesterton by a length and a bit
It seems I managed to worry Sonya so much by talking about the cross-wind which was causing people to crash into the bank in every race... that we spent the whole race on the opposite buoyline. In spite of McTiernan promising to vomit if we made him so much as walk to the boat, and the relative lack of experience in the bows, the Gents strategy of "go mad off the start, then make random unannounced rate changes and trust Fletcher and Thomas to follow you" seemed to work. I don't think any of us were putting our blades in at the front, but we were taking enough strokes to open out a slightly scary 3 seat lead; Chesterton then slowed in the second half and we crossed the line with a slightly more convincing margin.

The most amusing part of the outing was, in a rush to leave the landing stage after collecting our pots, pushing off and leaving McT standing there looking confused. A close second was having an twelve year old girl threaten to "put you in hospital" when we rowed back close to (but avoiding) her fishing line. (Peter)
Interesting things happen when all 8 put their blades in the water around the front end; things get even more interesting when all 8 are capable of putting their blades in together but randomly fail. Making up the majority of the inexperience in the bows it was nice to row in a boat with some power, especially being sat in the ergmonkey seat at 65kg. It could have been a little smoother and a little more stable but it was certainly the most fun I've had in a boat in a long while. My personal highlight of the race was being highly confused by and not being able to coordinate catching at what seemed to be about 9/10ths slide. That, and seeing Chesterton's faces when they were somewhat forcefully informed they were racing us, previously on the (ever so slightly inflated) draw to race CRA Senior. (Thornton)

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