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Henley Qualifier, May Term 2012

FaT Homerton Composite (Temple Cup)

1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bow Timothy Hele 2 Unknown
3 Ali Abbasi 4 Unknown
5 Unknown 6 Matthew Griffiths
7 Yimin Ge str Sam Bell

Coxed by: Penelope Jenkins

Did not qualify
Time: 7:44
With a very strong Headwind down the course and a composite crew that had only had three outings we always knew it was going to be a challenge to qualify.

We started well settling into a powerful and composed rhythm. When the rate started dipping down towards 32 we responded well to Penelope's call to get it back up and the pushes felt especially powerful. When strong gusts hit us, there were two moments of strong imbalance but we managed to recover quickly. Even towards the finish our front end remained relatively together and sharp, Lianne thought it looked "gutsy". The only critique would be that there wasn't a proper wind towards the finish, we need to work on finishing a head race properly.

We were off the fastest not qualifying crew by 16s and 12s off the Maggie/Caius composite. However we beat Jesus (by 1s) and Queens, which is good news for next year's campaign. (A.B. Abbasi)

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