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May Term 2012

1st men's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st Mays)

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City Sprints (Men's Mays Division1)

Beat Kings by a canvas
Veering into the bank off the start was not ideal, and 2/3rds of the race were consequently slightly panicked. A bumps push then finally made us move together and through them.

Whilst bringing several of us our first pot with FaT, it felt rather confusing and perhaps slightly easy. (Penelope)
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Champion of the Thames Eights Head (Men's 1st Div. Mays)

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Cambridge 99's Regatta (1st division)

Semi finals
Lost to LMBC M1 by a foot
These photos:

suggest they have very large feet at 99s.

Well done on almost taking a serious scalp, whatever the margin! (Peter)
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May Bumps

Bumped St. Catharine's
M1 went into this race not quite knowing what to expect with regards to the crews either side of us but we knew that if we rowed our race with our solid length and rhythm we would do well. I was incredibly proud to see it all come together and for us to produce the rowing we knew we were capable of. We hit a solid 37 after a stride and just kept moving up on Catz, bumping them just before the railings. With a bit more relaxation and composure we should look to give Downing a good race tomorrow! (Jacob)
Great satisfaction wiping Catz paint off the bow at the boathouse. More of the same working together, and guts tomorrow please. (
Awesome work! (Justus)
After settling into our rhythm off the start, we emerged out of grassy corner and suddenly the wash was atrocious which, as bow, is a good indication of bearing down on the crew ahead. Penelope called a bumps push near the Plough and we continued to chase Catz around Ditton corner. Emerging onto the reach I heard three whistles and, fed up of rowing in such dreadful wash, turned around to see the stern of Catz. Stretching out at the front I hit their stern with my oar and shouted 'bump' but I did not see their cox concede by raising their hand. At the next stroke I came forward and hit their stern so hard I came off my seat. As I had effectively missed two strokes, the boat swerved to stroke side and our bow mounted their stern. Quite an experience. (Tim)
Rowed over
We rowed competently and got the job done today. We rowed over ahead of Catz who got bumped just before the railings, whilst staying just beyond station from Downing. Everyone should be very happy with the good start we have had to these Mays, but with two tough days ahead of us we know that we will have to produce the sharp rowing we are capable of to maintain 3rd and to push up on Downing. I am looking forward to a great race against Jesus tomorrow! (Jacob)
The start seemed more fluid than the first day, and we easily kept our distance from Catz. By the time we rounded Ditton corner it seemed very likely that Jesus were going to bump, but composure remained imperative. We took the rate down after four boats behind us bumped out, though wound it back up to top finish. Our next race, chasing Downing and avoiding Jesus, should be very interesting. Bring it on! (Tim)
Bumped by Jesus
Jesus came at us right from the start and despite holding them through the first section of plough reach they kept closing round ditton, bumping us before the railings.

We must now pick ourselves up and look ahead to having a great race against Maggie tomorrow and making ground up against Jesus. (Jacob)
After a good start Jesus gradually closed in on us. The wind coming around Ditton corner was ferocious and cost us dearly. Despite Penelope steering us away from Jesus we were bumped close to the railings. (Tim)
Bumped by LMBC
We attacked the race, and rowed it on our terms. Maggie moved on us at the Reach, and we succumbed at the P&E. There was always full commitment from the crew, and in time, we'll remember that race as a gutsy stand against a faster crew. Let's crack 'em next year! (Sam)
An unforgettable race. Too often, crews for whom the aim is a row-over are too defensive; they fail to attack the start sufficiently, never take the race to the opposition and are gradually reeled in. This crew deserves great credit for assaulting this race with serious purpose, dealing impressively with the brutal headwind on the Reach and forcing LMBC to fight all the way for their bump.

There was some talk afterwards of there being "only another 200 yards to go". The course has to end somewhere and whether a bump occurs 200, 20 or 2 yards from the finish, the crew going down should hold their heads high if, as in this race, they simply have no more to give. Replacing 'crews' and 'row-over' in the second sentence above with 'teams' and 'draw' respectively, I hope I feel as much pride in England's performance against Ukraine tomorrow as I did on the towpath watching this. Thanks boys. (Neil T)
Despite a very gutting final result I was very proud of the crew and how we conducted ourselves during the race. We were disappointed with our race against Jesus the day before, feeling it was too reactive, so wanted to go out and take the race to the opposition and that is exactly what we did.

We were able to row with maturity and commitment right to the end and dealt with the wind extremely well, particularly given that it was something we had struggled with previously. I would like to commend all the guys for a gutsy and tough race and even though the result was not what we wanted I hope we can hold our heads high knowing that we took it to them and made them fight for every inch.

It was been a wonderful honour to captain such a dedicated and committed group of guys. (Jacob)

1. M1 crew photo

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Henley Qualifier (Temple Cup), FaT Homerton Composite

Did not qualify
Time: 7:44
With a very strong Headwind down the course and a composite crew that had only had three outings we always knew it was going to be a challenge to qualify.

We started well settling into a powerful and composed rhythm. When the rate started dipping down towards 32 we responded well to Penelope's call to get it back up and the pushes felt especially powerful. When strong gusts hit us, there were two moments of strong imbalance but we managed to recover quickly. Even towards the finish our front end remained relatively together and sharp, Lianne thought it looked "gutsy". The only critique would be that there wasn't a proper wind towards the finish, we need to work on finishing a head race properly.

We were off the fastest not qualifying crew by 16s and 12s off the Maggie/Caius composite. However we beat Jesus (by 1s) and Queens, which is good news for next year's campaign. (A.B. Abbasi)
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