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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2011

1st women's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Katherine Olley

13th place out of 60 Boats
Time: 12:10.5
With a composed rolling start (amazing stationary rollup!) we were at rate within 10 strokes. Another up 2 got them to 29.5, which they maintained throughout the course with a few pushes in the middle and out of the corners to get it back up.
If Jack wasn't on the bank with me, I'd keep calling rate ups because of how composed and light the crew looked - have you ever heard a novice crew saying the boat didn't feel heavy and they were all working together?! And believe me, they were working.
Under the railway bridge, with Selwyin crew at a bumps distance, the rate spontaniously crept up with the pressure, and another push was needed to empty the tank in the last minute.
Katie was very professional with a sack of motivational calls while steering accurately.
Special credit to our hero Nina (Voight) who rowed injured and reminded me of Charlotte SP, having been replaced on the row back.
I cannot describe how happy we all were with this race, and rowing back with them was one of my enjoyable rows - with the rythm set by carols, the boat was sat and still moving among the dazzled crews. (Nina)

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