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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2011

1st women's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Katherine Olley

1st round
Beat Robinson A easily
So Robinson started off from backstops and pointing towards the bank, which obviously gave us a bit of a headstart before the race even began. After a flawless start, the girls pulled away, and within 10 strokes were a length ahead already. With a few calls of "push 10 for Neil", they were at the finish and Robinson were nowhere to be seen. On the way home, Alex and I were so impressed with their (still) beautiful rowing that we crashed into a bollard.

Great practice for Saturday and a well-rowed raced. Good work, girls! (Rebecca)
I must add that I'm impressed by that start that caught our bow pair taking taps and Robinson at backstops. Well done, especially Katie!

As for the race, keeping the power, technique and timing with nothing to push against is a great confidence boost! (Nina)
2nd round
Beat Jesus A Easily
Once again the opposition weren't quite ready off the start, giving our girls a bit of an advantage. We were quicker off the start than Jesus and held it together very well, and after 40 or so strokes it was clear we would win. Even though they were miles ahead, the girls didn't slacken off and when we crossed the finish line Jesus were nowhere to be seen! (Rebecca)
A comprehensive victory. At the end of the regatta the girls looked back and wondered if perhaps more energy could have been conserved in the second half of the race, but that's easy to say in hindsight - it was understandable that they wanted to put down a marker, which they certainly did. (Neil T)
Quarter finals
Beat ARU A by 1 1/4 lengths
One of the only races I saw and it made me very proud indeed. A committed row all the way to the finish line and some good bully-steering by Katie. Well done, girls! (Penelope)
With the wind now howling down the Long Reach this was always going to be a tough race. The first stroke didn't go well but the girls showed great composure to recovery extremely impressively and pull out a lead of a few seats off the start. The way they handled the conditions (with virtually no experience of significant headwinds) was absolutely fantastic and despite giving away height and weight to ARU they continued to pull away gradually. A tremendous performance, and an official warning for me for yapping at the umpire (well done Katie!). (Neil T)
Semi finals
Lost to Downing A by 1/2 length
An epic race. By the time of the semifinal the wind was worse still and even senior crews would have struggled. This also effectively lengthened the race and gave a significant advantage to the larger Downing crew who had also had a more comfortable win in their previous race. Nonetheless the start was excellent and the lead increased, seat by seat, until by halfway we were about two thirds of a length to the good. Coming into the Railway Bridge the margin was still half a length but Downing took advantage of their corner to close the gap and pulled level with about 150m to go. The girls dug deep and gave everything but with their previous races now telling they couldn't quite match Downing's final push. Nonetheless they should be extremely proud of this race and can look forward to Fairbairns with great confidence and belief in each other. (Neil T)

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