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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2011

1st men's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Yining Nie

3rd place out of 71 boats
Time: 10:02.2
3rd place!!! What more is there to say..awesome! (oh and christs, no you don't need extra 30 seconds next time you row behind us...) :D I WILL MISS ALL OF YOU!! (Flo)
That morning the weather was good and the crew were ready. We were glad that the starting point of the race was only a few strokes away from the boat house.
Seconds after the race started Sam's feet came off the straps to the crew's dismay, rather amazingly however Sam continued rowing for the entire fairbairn distance at full speed without his foot straps! and by doing so saving our race. Thanks Sam...
A rowing expert who was watching the race described our first half as "absolutely scorching", the technique and the commitment were in a state where the boat was flying effortlessly on the water. Yining did a great job steering around tricky corners and calling for a surge every time the crew got over excited.
The moment of truth came when we passed under the railway bridge. While most other crews look miserable at that point, Yimin pointed out that we looked relatively fresh. Not only that but our technique was again as good as the first half of the race at that point. The crew then gave it everything they had left to get to the end finishing at 3rd place overall, with only 2s behind Christ's.
"You looked like you could happily do another 500m!" said Yimin.
We came off the boat, and walked to the reach to cheer for NM2 and watch other boats crash into each other and also observe the exhausted rowers while they struggle to even move their blades in the air.
The paddling back to the boathouse was hilarious, the crew celebrated their upgrade into "seniors" by switching their positions in the boat, splashing each other with the blades and even attempting to revolt against Yining and take control of the boat!
This team is exactly how it should be and I am very glad to have been part of it. (Ahmad)

1. NM1 crew photo

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