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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2010

2nd women's novice VIII, NW2 (2nd division)

2nd women's novice VIII
in Peter Brandt
bow Laura Fox 2 Laura Wright
3 Y. Zhu 4 Marie Page
5 Alina Winter 6 Unknown
7 Luba Elliott str Angela Liu

Coxed by: Harry Han

Quarter finals
lost to Emmanuel B, easily
With a bye through to the quarter finals, NW2 found themselves up against an Emma B crew, racing in a Janousek, with cleavers. Rowing up, we saw they weren't very neat, but knew they would have an advantage, at least off the start.

After a neat and technical row up, we did lose a bit of length to Emma off the start. The girls held on and kept it together, but Emma powered through and took the lead, which the held on to and extended down the course.

Overall, a very good row from a crew who only had one outing working on rowing above a paddle. There was a little bit of panicking, but generally the girls rowed nicely together.

We've got a very good foundation with neat, technical rowing, which will hopefully prove to be to our advantage come Fairbairns. (Katie)
I think this was the 4th time this crew has ever done a racing start. We row really pretty well, however having done no race training, don't race well. Unsurprisingly, race training is the plan for the next week! (Swords)

1. At the Start
2. De-kitting before th...
3. Rowing Up

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