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Mich Term 2010

1st women's novice VIII

Queens Ergs (W1)

A solid finish in 26th place :-) (Julia)
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Clare Novice Regatta (Cup)

1st round
lost to Wolfson, 3 lengths
Off the start, Wolfson took a bit of a lead, and it was clear that they had been practicing racing starts far more than we had. After about 10 strokes, Wolfson decided to steer into us, but Jonathan kept the girls calm and stayed on his side, and everyone kept it together well.

Once they were back on their side of the river, they continued to extend their lead, but the girls put in a good effort and held on to them, really making Wolfson work to maintain their lead.

Ultimately, it was a very nicely rowed race, but our lack of experience at rate showed through. Fortunately, this shows us what we need to focus on in the week before Fairbairns! (Katie)

1. Crew Photo
2. At the Start
3. Marshalling

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Novice Fairbairn Cup (1st division)

22nd overall
Time: 9:16
After a term plagued with adverse weather and cancelled outings, the girls produced a row today which they can be proud of. Despite the cold weather, false start and last minute changes to the length of the course, the race was consistent and gutsy. Jonathan guided the girls round the first few corners as the initial pain set in. Pembroke attempted to overtake before Chesterton (and were subsequently disqualified) but despite the chaos of the situation the girls held it together well, with heads up and holding the other VIII for about 15 strokes. The pressure was maintained right up to the end, and I can confidently say that NW1 left nothing on the water.
All in all, I don't think the length of the course did the girls justice, as we're strongest over longer distances, but they produced a strong race, and I'm looking forward to the results of senior Fairbairns tomorrow. (ice permitting!) (Julia A.)
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