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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2010

5th men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Rachel Overington

1st round
Lost to King's
We rowed very short, and very rushed, and as a result lost fairly badly. (Swords)
This was the first time Rachel coxed a regatta race and she was certainly excited by it all during the first race!

We had a decent start and seemed to be holding level with King's for at least the first quarter. Unfortunately the race was generally rushed and a little panicked and King's just seemed to be a little more together and slowly opened the gap from just after the kink. (Mark)
Plate 1st round
Beat Girton by 2 lengths
we rowed with less rush, and longer, and as such we won. A panicked response to a large Girton push was not ideal though (Swords)
A much better start against Girton, giving us about 1 length within 30 strokes. The catches were sharp and we moved a lot better in that first quarter.

Generally the Reach was quite comfortable, we started to feel the rhythm more than in the first round and we weren't rushing as much into the front end either.

We were about 1+1/2 to 2 lengths up approaching the Railway bridge but then all of a sudden the Girton crew put in an enormous push, visibly eating up the gap between us on every stroke, probably closing by a length in their burst. Credit to the Girton crew for such an attack - it felt like we had nothing to respond to it but it was however all they had after that and we slowly opened up the gap between the bridge and the finish. (Mark)
Plate semi finals
Beat Magdalene
Much better race. Here we actually hit length. Our start was comparable, despite Magdalene being in a much lighter shell. Once we were up to speed we seemed to cruise faster, and it was nice to row with reasonable length and rhythm. (Swords)
This was the best race we had. The start was the best we'd probably ever performed and the race was unrushed, fluid and manageable. I think the crew would agree that we went faster but with less effort - I certainly didn't feel as exhausted after the race.

The start was slick and we immediately went up in the first 10 or so strokes; a lead which we gradually opened up so that we had a several lengths of clear water at the finish. (Mark)
Plate final
Lost to Emma by 3 lengths
Possibly our best race. Emma were faster and on the faster side, and in a faster shell, so I feel the result was a little flattering, although they probably slackened off towards the end. It was nice to get into a proper rhythm, and row well, so we could actually get the full magnitude of our turboguns into the water, rather than simply attempting to drench Norfolk.

A good days racing. (Swords)
Having despatched M4 in the previous round we knew Emma were going to be tough.

The start was not as clean as the last, with Emma going up slightly in the first quarter and slowly extending that to 1 length up by the kink. We didn't cope well with the strond wind just after the kink, missing loads of water and the rhythm failing. From that point Emma opened up to about 3 lengths as they crossed the line.

On the whole, an excellent set of races and we improved significantly just in this day of racing so I have high hopes for Bumps! (Mark)

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