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Marlow Regatta, May Term 2010

Henley IV+ (Senior)

Coxed by: Natasha Menell

2nd to Georgetown Univ USA by 4 seconds
Time: 6:41.92
We were determined to go off the start aggressively, as we had been encouraged to do so by Fred Gill the previous morning in training. This was successful, and despite being a touch slow in the first three strokes, by 500m gone, we were half a length clear of the field. This was a pleasant surprise in such a high level event.

At 750m gone, still about half a length ahead of Georgetown, Natasha started to swear and steer violently. A puff of feathers later I saw a swan struggle from under Coker's blade and into the safety of the reeds. All things considered, we recovered remarkably well but had obviously lost some speed and our strong rhythm. More importantly, Georgetown had taken a lead over us.

We sat behind them for the rest of the race. Our wind at the end was scrappy and failed to increase the speed or even the rate significantly. We raced this one to the line, as only first place would proceed to the final, second and third going to the rep.

Pleased that we had shown we were competitive in Senior (indeed, we had led the race until we hit the swan), and eager to keep fresh for the rep, we decided at this point to scratch from IM1. (Sasha)
4th, 2 secs behind 3rd, who qualified for the final
Time: 6:44.05
The other heats had posted slightly quicker times than ours (although conditions were varying) so we expected this to be a tough race. Three of the five crews (a sixth crew had scratched) would go through to the final.

Once again our start was fast, and we were doing well in the first 30 strokes, placing us in 2nd or 3rd place. We then took our stride/ surge and settled onto race rhythm. From this point on, other crews started to move our ahead of us.

We raced well and aggressively, but never quite found a good groove to come through with. Our pushes were effective; according to Natasha, when we pushed, we closed on the other crews, but our base pace wasn't fast enough.

Once again, we wound for the finish but with less effectiveness than the other crews, including LMBC. (J. Strawson)

1. Chasing Agecroft
2. Side by side with LMBC

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