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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2010

3rd men's VIII (College lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Alex Caulfield

Semi finals
Lost to Pembroke M3 by 1 length
This was the toughest race of the day, and came after two easy wins in the 1st rounds. Pembroke had won Newnnham Short Course the week before, and had a much quicker start than us.

Our own start was the best of the day, but still left us half a length down. We settled comfortably into race rate at 35, which was the main aim of this round as we'd struggled to drop to a sustainable rate in the earlier rounds. We kept this rate steady all the way down the reach, holding them at exactly half a length overlap. The race was neck and neck under the railway bridge and could have gone either way.

A crab in the final 50 metres coming up to Peter's Posts was the only thing that marked the difference between us and them. They pulled away and crossed the finish line with a length clear on us.

Despite the end result, the race was a good one - at no point did anyone in the crew give up and decide that we couldn't win anymore, and we gave Pembroke their toughest race of the day. We also managed to find our stride quicker, which will be important for Bumps.

Best rowing yet boys. Let's keep it up for Bumps!! (Alex)

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