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Head of the River Race, Lent Term 2010

1st men's VIII (IM2)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

Time: 19:02
I'd like to write as impartial and accurate race report as I can regarding this result. After a successful bumps campaign, we were unfortunate to lose our stroke man to a broken rib. We therefore changed the crew around and brought in a sub for Kingston and a different rower for HoRR. However, I don't think that these changes particularly damaged our performance. After a rocky Kingston at which our lack of time together was apparent, the final week leading up to HoRR was feeling very good. Our coaches and cox were the same as we had last year and they agreed that a good result should be forthcoming. Four of our crew were in the boat last year when we finished 53rd, and we too felt very pleased with the crew, and excited about the race.

We set off number 60 amidst total chaos at the start, being told to start ahead of number 59 and very close to the crews in front (who had been set off with overlap!) and wound to a chunky 36. We held this for around 20 strokes, before striding onto our planned race rate of 34. Conditions were extremely choppy but we found a long loose rhythm, and the boat felt good. Throughout the race the boat felt light and we held 34, always out of our puddles. The race was certainly not perfect but we felt happy with the row.

Emma was careful to start timing as the umpire said 'Number 60, go'. We had an idea of what time we wanted to be on at various landmarks and so she was calling the elapsed time at regular points during the race. What confused us is that the time at winding down read 18:42. The results place us 154th with a time of 19:02. We don't really know what conclusions to take away from this race - to be honest we're all slightly baffled. That's not supposed to sound arrogant or conceited - we simply don't feel that our performance would have placed us there and are confused about the timing discrepancy. There is nothing we can do though, so we need to draw a line under that result and look to a new term of racing after a couple of well-earned weeks off.

Congratulation to the other colleges who performed well, and especially to Downing for a great result - well deserved. (Rich)
It looked pretty good from where we were sat at TSS and we hope you enjoyed the 'Go Trinity!' cheer from our boat. It's funny you should talk about a timing discrepancy - we recorded our time at 19.03 and got 19.22 - that's almost the same difference as you. Coincidence? (Jij)

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