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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2010

1st men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Natasha Menell

1st round
beat Christ's easily
A good row though a bit nervous off the start... we pulled ahead early on and settled comfortable, although we didn't find a really good rhythm until after the railway bridge, when we sacrificed rate for ratio with good results. Crossed the finish with a couple of length of clear water. (Natasha)
Would anyone like to own up to talking to Christs about cheese, barmen and gorillas?

I also don't believe that we took half a length in two strokes. Maybe their first two strokes took longer than ours. (Peter)
2nd round
beat Robinson easily
A more competitive round. Robinson made a valiant effort off the start and held within a length for most of the race. Past the kink, we pushed hard and made our move, clearing some open water around the railway bridge, from which we continued to move to finish with over a length of open water. A really good race piece, thanks to some very committed competition. (Natasha)
Robinson produced a very effective race to the railway bridge, managing to be the only crew not hold overlap to 500m, and gave us a mild scare. However, our rowing stayed calm while they were alongside and without any great increase in pressure from us the margin went from 2/3 length to several by the finish (Pembroke don't seem to have managed to take any margins for any of their races, so the best guess we have is "several") (Peter)
Semi finals
beat Black Prince easily
We expected a tough race on this one and we got it, with our alumni holding onto us for a good portion of the race. We pulled ahead on the start but they stayed with us until the kink, where we started to walk away and never gave an inch back. (Natasha)
After watching Black Prince looking sharp in taking down Jesus a few minutes before, I was expecting this to be the toughest race of the regatta. However, some combination of time in the boat and fresher legs from Pembroke's total lack of planning of the draw meant we moved rapidly away off the start and settled onto a slightly more relaxed rhythm off the bridge to conserve energy for the possibility of a harder final. (Peter)
beat Caius easily
Like Christ's and Robinson, Caius lined up looking very serious and professionally ignoring our more banterous marshalling. They gave us a bit of a scare of the start, pushing ahead about three quarters of a length. But the crew stayed focused and committed to our own race plan, despite a rather unorthodox push during our build off the start: to which the crew responded well and we surged ahead by half a length. About twenty strokes saw the boats holding together, but a second massive surge sent us ahead, and gradually gave us inches of open water. From the bridge we left them in the wake to finish with about a length of open water. (Natasha)
Iain had warned us on the way down that Caius liked to blast off the start, so I was actually less worried when Caius went 2/3 of a length up than when Robinson were 2/3 of a length down. After Natasha's innovative mid-start push we never stopped moving through them, and I still don't quite know how we went from 2/3 of a length down to 1 1/4l up between strokes 15 and 60; did Caius blow up after 30s?
In any case, with nothing to save for we rowed off into the distance considerably more than Natasha's report credits us with; my out-of-breath counting put the finish whistles at 11s gap, which would equate to about 3 lengths. (Peter)

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