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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2009

2nd men's novice VIII (Novice VIIIs)

Coxed by: Jeffrey Li

My steering was akin to that of a certain cox of the same surname in Fairbairns 07, and hence we didn't do so well ;). (Tsunami)
I disagree with Jeff. Jeff was a fine cox for the race, and I hope he continues for the rest of the term. It was a mixture of not having rowed together as a crew, no working cox box and the rudder of Titan.

This was the first time the official NM2 boat rowed together and indeed "all eight" (although we did have subs who we thank for subbing in!) and the first time I feathered in an VIII, the second time ever in a boat.

The start was uneventful and we paddled away down First Post Reach without too much of a problem; the line round First Post corner was tight.

A push in the Gut gave us our best 10 strokes out of the race and then we parked on the outside of Grassy. We pushed off quickly and parked again a couple or so lengths down.

The rate started to go up nervously down Plough Reach and coming on to the Long Reach timing was lost and blades started to get stuck. Then we parked just after the Railway bridge.

From here to the finish ratio was about 1:1 (or at least that's how it felt in the bows) and we soared through the line.

We have something now to build on, we'll be back for Clare Novices! (Mark)

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