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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2009

1st men's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Alex Caulfield

Time: 9:51.7
Quite simply the best rowing we've ever done. The start and first half were unbelievable (by-standers were commenting on our performance), fell apart a little bit in the middle (the notorious "push through the pain" section) but then absolutely nailed it for the home straight. Completely emptied the tanks, loads of screaming, and total agony.

The whole team stuck with it together and we all tore ourselves to pieces. I'd do it again for all of you.

Ming and Miles, you guys are legends. Hope we did you proud :)

Alex - I think we all love you

I don't know what else to say, apart from....


V (Vlad)
This was an amazing race.
After a last minute panic due to broken headsets and me forgetting a lifejacket, we pulled out and rowed up to the start.
We settled into race rate (30) about five strokes after the start and held it there for the rest of the race. The first 300m to the roadbridge allowed us to find a strong rhythm, with focus on length in the water.
With Elizabeth Way corner safely out of the way (thank god!), the focus was on maintaining the rhythm all the way to Chesterton. This was a really solid section of the race and certainly not 'novice' in any way.
After Chesterton, we hit the 'push through the pain' section of the race and the rowing started to fall apart a little as we came towards the P and E. This was the only section where the rhythm/timing really went, which is a testament to how well the crew rowed the rest of the course.
After the railway bridge, the timing came together again and we had a massive push for the finish, crossing the line in style without any crabs or crashes (no mean feat!) I had an overwhelmingly urge to shout 'this is sparta' in the final five strokes, but managed to resist just in case anything went wrong!
This was an amazing race to cox. I had a fantastic time being in a boat where every single person was so committed.
4th place is a fantastic result and one we really deserved after the disappointment of Clare Novices.
Thanks for being such a great novice crew guys and thanks to Ming and Miles for all their coaching!

"...yeah buddy". (Alex)

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