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The Club's Results

Mich Term 2009

2nd women's IV

Cambridge Autumn Head (College IV+)

5th of 7 College IV+
Time: 13:15
Solid rowing. I am pleased with the performance and the result. (Thomas)
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University IVs (2nd division)

1st round
Lost to Christ's by 3 lengths
This was the first time that the crew had rowed together, after not having any outings for 2 weeks. Raph also kindly subbed in and was rowing on the wrong side.
Bearing in mind that we had only one practice start before the actual race, the result wasn't too bad.
A couple of air strokes during the drive phase caused the boat to veer off course during the start and slowed us down greatly, giving christs an early lead. They were then able to push off us down the reach and took 3 lengths, which we held them at...
The rowing was generally in time, but fell apart towards the end of the race. Fitness needs to be worked on! All in all, not too bad... and Christs were absolute beasts anyway! (Alex)
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Fairbairn Cup - IVs (College IVs)

Fastest 2nd IV
Time: 13:59
Clearly the most important win of the day! (Liz)
I think the highlight of the IVs race was the bird that crapped on Liz a couple of minutes in. I spent the rest of the race trying to stop laughing. I was not successful. (Katie)
^^^ and they still won. Blazed!!! (Swords)
Clean sweep - sweet as a nut, a great way to finish term. (Neil T)
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