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Cambridge Small Boats Head, Summer 2009

Ulrike (Novice 1x)

Single sculls
in Muddy Waters
Ulrike Bauer
Time: 13:17
Second race in a single, first one on the Cam. Fortunately, I wasn't half as nervous as in P'boro, but still too nervous for my liking...

I had a decent start and started to catch up on the schoolgirl ahead of me right away. Unfortunately the overflow of adrenalin from my silly nerves pretty much switched off my thinking, and as a consequence I took the worst possible line around every single corner of the course. The adrenalin, together with the fact that I had actually never done a piece past the railway bridge, also caused me to blow up completely somewhere between the railway bridge and Peter's posts. It was also somewhere around there where my fin picked up a reasonably sized ball of weed which caused me to drift to one side on every recovery from then on, apart from not actually helping to bring up the boat speed...
I somehow fought my way through to the finish line, not without crabbing twice on the last 50 m.

On the positive side, I got the fastest bridge-to-bridge time so far (9:27, kindly taken by Julijana), and (again, according to Julijana) ca. 50% of my strokes looked pretty tidy with nice and quick catches. (The other half was completely off...) Still, not bad given that I made massive technical changes during the last week before the race.

Coming 1st in WNovice and 7th out of 13 female scullers in all categories is clearly more than I expected and leaves me perfectly happy with the day :-D! (Ulrike)
Well done! Hope you are planning to come down to the Tideway for scullers' head (Nov 28 - doesn't clash with the Fairbairns this year). (Erica)

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