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FaT vs. BPBC Golf Challenge, May Term 2009

BPBC golf team

Crew list for 1 race:

BPBC golf team
Graham Fisher Tom Rose

Crew list for 1 race:

BPBC golf team
Mike Goodson Matthew Byrne
Fourballs match 1
Fisher/Rose beat Fletcher/McTiernan (4 & 3)
Over the first four holes Graham and I recorded almost identical scores, and would have been two up even if one of us hadn't turned up. Fletch's par on the third was the only blot on our copy book up to this point, but then my schizophrenic alter-ego turned up to play and I recorded two double figure scores and two double par scores over the next four. Thankfully Graham was still playing fairly well and we cruised to victory at the end of the sixth (the site of at least seven shots by me in the bunker). (RTT)
Fourballs match 2
Goodson/Byrne beat O'Neill/Preiss (4 & 3)
Steady golf won this one. I managed to get round with entirely threes and fours so we won with a bit to spare. Sadly, most of the First and Third team then had to leave, meaning a default victory for BPBC. (Mike)
Despite me having one of my best ever rounds on the course (helped by a lack of water in the hazards), the result would have been exactly the same without my contribution, as Mike equalled or bettered my score on each hole. (Matt)

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