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Peter Brandt Sculls, May Term 2009

TL in his single scull (Novice 1x)

Single sculls
in Tracey
Tom Lovering
2nd round
Opposition Scratched
Malek saw my name on the draw, and, trembling with fear, emailed CUCBC to conceed inevitable defeat...

... or he just wanted to focus on Foster-Fairbairns. Either is plausible. (Tom L)
3rd round
Beaten by Fell (Fitz) by 15 seconds
Time: 2:13
The race got off to a fairly reasonable start. Tracey was always going to cost me about half a length off the start, and for the first quarter or so of the race I managed to not conceed too much more, but eventually my woeful lack of high rate technique started to take its toll, and two failed attempts to drive the rate up culminated in a fairly nasty crab (and narrow avoidance of capsize) about half way down the course. After recovering quickly the rowing went fairly ok, and I managed to avoid doing any disastrous steering, but at this point it was clear the race was well over.

With illness the week before this race leading to my doing almost no sprint training, and my rather comedy use of a tracer shell and macon blades, this wasn't ever going to be easy, and my sup-8-minute coxy physique being drawn against the rather brawnier eventual winner probably didn't help. All in all however, I thought it was a pretty reasonable first spack, and I'm keen to keep training. Cheers to Emma for stepping in to banksteer me for the first half of the course. (Tom L)

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