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Cambridge Head-2-Head, Lent Term 2009

1st women's pair (College 1st)

Coxless pairs
bow Julijana Gjorgjieva str Ulrike Bauer
no opposition
Time: 18:55
Positive points:

We didn't crash.
We didn't come last (time-wise). In fact, we beat 9 other crews, among them 2 VIIIs (okay, they must have been really crap).
We had a really good line on the first leg.
We finally got it together and rowed nicely for the last 40 or 50 strokes of the race.

Negative points:

Well, all the rest, I would say.
On the first leg, we managed to sustain a surprisingly high rate (probably around 30ish) for the whole course, but our rowing was definitely spacky and it felt quite rushed. Thanks to the stream, our time wasn't too bad.
On the way back, we started off not too badly but lost it completely around the corners. Zig-zagging down the gut and Plough reach didn't really make it better, and so the women's single chasing us had caught up quite a bit by the time we came onto the reach. As said above, we finally managed to remember how to row at around the kink and slowly gained back some distance on the single, but not enough to get a good time on this one.

Good practise and nice to have something to train for before I go off for field work! We definitely benefited a lot from training in a small boat for 2 weeks - massive thanks to JPD and Tom Rose for some very helpful coaching!!! (Ulrike)
Not that bad of a row indeed! The first part of the race was quite good. We probably didn't rate higher than 26-28, and my steering was great! Not only did we not crash, but I took nice lines even as a scull overtook us on Ditton and I had to go wide. There were bits where we lost it, but nothing that we did not recover in a few strokes. The difference between the first and the second piece is that we went for it in the first. The second felt a bit sluggish and heavy, and we never really pushed for it. After first post I steered too early into Grassy, nearly crashed and had to steer out which made me steer back in quite hard into the black barge, leading to a few zig-zags. This obviously affected our rowing, and we only started rowing together again after Ditton. The reach was a nice piece as the final to the race, but as said before we didn't really go for it. Still, a good experience to row in a pair, and get some amazing coaching from JPD and Tom Rose. We went out *every* day (except for two) in the last two weeks. Good effort! (Julijana)

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