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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2009

4th men's VIII (3rd division)

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1st round
Kings III didn't show, practiced starts twice instead, paddled home. (Alex)
This was a disappointing day for a crew who were up at 6.45am for their first race, only to find they had byes until nearly 3pm. After all that, the organisers had made a total mess of the draw and the immediately came up against our own M3, despite expecting to race them in the finals.

Nevertheless, i was pleasantly surprised by our first attempt at starts on the water and at the standard of paddling. The race itself had lots of guts, lots of guns, but unfortunately the rate was inconsistent. The start was clean enough, but the Gents just moved out in front. High spirits may have contributed to our blade clash on around the 10th stroke, but both crews recoevered quickly. M4 proved hard to shake off, and it wasnt until our push off the railway bridge that the technique finally gave way and M3 were able to extend their lead.

We need to get good quality water time to make sure we have a blazing start for bumps. With Jake and Richard back in the boat too I think that this m4 will be a force to be reckoneed with! Things cna only get better. (Emma)
Quarter finals
Maggie V broke their boat. Apparently whilst spinning. Sat at side of regatta bantering, getting cold, and attempting to make head or tail of what the hell the organisers were doing. (Alex)
Semi finals
Lost to Gents by a length
On a scale of 1-10, I'm sat around 0 with regards to how pleased I was with todays organisation and outcome.

Having said that, we had a committed row from the boat, and we showed that we have potential to be a formiddable opponent in Bumps, provided we get some water time between now and then.

We can improve a lot with relative ease - lets just concentrate on making it happen. (Alex)

Poor Quality, but shows you weren't far off. (Thomas)

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