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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2009

Medics' composite (Christs, Pembroke, FaT) (Fancy Dress)

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

1st round
Beat Fitz movie stars by 1 length
Our non-FaT crew members were:

Bow: Katie Sexton (Christ's)
2: Fran Knight (Christ's)
4: Vin Shen Ban (Christ's)
5: Richard Heywood (Pembroke)
7: Tara Lee (Pembroke) (Mark)
2nd round
Beat Newnham animals by 2 lengths
Technically our best row. Addenbrookes would be having a great addition to their ranks if it weren't for the fact that only 1 of us is transferring to that school next year. (Jij)
Semi finals
Beat Hughes Hall geriatrics by half a length
It was quite difficult until Hughes were forced to stride by their 5 man suffering a coronary from the high rate, they were level with us until about 300m but we destroyed them at the end by virtue of our maniacally high rate. (Jij)
A very close race. The oldies (celebrating their 80th birthday) gained a little off the start, but some expert positioning on the row down by Mark meant we had the inside of the corner of the reach giving us the narrow edge we maintained to the finish. (Thomas)
Quite simply, the only reason we won this race was because Hughes Hall did not omit their stride. (Mark)
Beat Jesus (including a ninja turtle) by half a length
The final race consisted of the two crews racing in opposite directions from the kink, spinning at a set distance from the start (set by the marshalls), and then racing back to the kink. The first to cross the kink won.

This was Jesus' choice of race, and so we decided to choose racing upstream towards the railway bridge first.

We rocketed off towards the bridge, rating about 39 all the way and then on the horn of the marshall we easied and strokeside immediately held it up, followed by bowside rowing on with strokeside backing down. This was pretty mental, with white water everywhere.

Our choice of going downstream for the second leg was clearly good with Jesus spinning before us, but still spinning after we had started racing again for the finish.

It looked good as we approached the kink, despite us rowing horribly and scrappily and with Jij catching a crab, but we took the title with the middle of our boat crossing the line just as Jesus' bows crossed it.

Epic. (Mark)
I am endlessly happy about creating a 100% record on strokeside. Many thanks to everyone who rowed today, especially Justus who posed as a medic when we had a rower crisis. Great times.

Yeah buddy: lightweight baby. (Jij)
We won this with some crafty tactics. We suggested doing the race as a standard side by side as we thought we could keep it quite close.

Jesus suggested the weird format. We then agreed on the basis that we got to go upstream from the start.
When we stopped and span the stream meant we were already heading back to the finish before completing the spin. This probably gave us a bit of an advantage giving us the win.

A victory for cunning (and suggestions of mini egg bribes) (Thomas)

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