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Peck's Poker Party, Lent Term 2009

Jon Davies (Texas hold'em)

Single sculls
Jon Davies
3rd - awarded 15% of the pot (£33.75)
I found my starting table played conservatively and a little unpredictably which, combined with below average cards and very below average play for the first hour or so, left me briefly well down on chips. However, some good play and good luck put me back on track and by the time we were down to the last eight, I was in the middle of the pack.

At the final table I started with a poor set of cards, so sat out most hands as Neil and Simon accounted for everyone else. This left me dangerously short-stacked, but I then had two reasonable hands which allowed me to get roughly back on terms.

A third above average hand prompted me to go all-in pre-flop, which Neil called for a showdown. I was marginal favourite at that stage, but Neil hit a pair to knock me out for third place.

Many thanks to Dubya and Martin for organising a great day out, hopefully we can make it a regular occurrence (I mean karting and poker, not Martin getting married...) (JPD)

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