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BPBC Karting, Lent Term 2009

Jon Davies (Twin-engined Honda pro-karts)

Single sculls
Jon Davies
1st round
2nd (+1s)
A good start from eighth saw me about five seconds clear by the end of the third lap. Then disaster - my glasses steamed up (this was the first time I've raced with them) and I could barely see.

I backed off in order to stay on the track and negotiated the back markers with care, but had misjudged how slowly I could go as Martin overtook me on the penultimate lap. Fortunately I was able to repass out of the same corner, but then another misjudgement overtaking a back marker at the end of the last lap allowed Martin to retake the lead. (JPD)
3rd (+15.25s)
Racing without glasses this time, I had a steady first two laps but then got into the groove on the third. Then disaster - black flag! Keith (2nd), Ingram (5th) and I (3rd) all went into the pits, to be told that we hadn't stopped racing under a yellow flag. This took ages, and we lost about 80 seconds.

Apparently Martin (1st) stopped on the next lap, but lost significantly less time and was about 30 seconds ahead, whilst Glass (4th) was pulled in later and was well back.

Having dealt with Keith and Chris (who for some reason was told to overtake us whilst stopped), I got in some quick laps but had no idea how I was doing.

It was disappointing to miss out on what would have surely been a great race with Martin at the front, but otherwise it was nice to be back in a reasonable kart on a good track, and at least I was able to get the fastest lap :-) (JPD)

1. Pre-racing photo

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