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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2008

2nd men's novice VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Valerie Nunis

3rd in category, 11th overall
Time: 10:14.41
When I arrived at the boathouse, I have to admit to perhaps more than a touch of trepidation. The wind was quite literally howling, the rain was decidedly horizontal, and the cold was just unreal. However, we had trained hard for this race, so amid many cries of "man up" we got the boat out and got ready. We were to set off behind an Emma 1 crew, however we left a reasonably large gap to prevent any need for tricky overtaking manouveres. Finally, after what seemed an age sat in the freezing cold, we heard the "First and Third, Attention, Go" and we were off. Our pace round the first few hundred metres seemed good, and our boat felt flat and fast. The power stayed on all the way to Chesterton, at which point Tom, our coach, finally caught us up, having had to delay a scant few seconds to pack up our coats to cycle them to the finish. From here on in, with our bank party urging us on, we seemed to only get flatter, more powerful and faster. At about the railway bridge some people in our boat started hearing the Emma bank party up ahead, and as we realised that we could, potentially, catch them we entered into a desperate sprint for the line, all thoughts of tiredness rapidly forgotton. With the Emma boat still a few seats ahead, and only a couple of hundred metres remaining, one of their men crabbed, causing them to veer madly in our direction, and only some sharp bladework by strokeside, and some equally deft coxing averted disaster, and then we were over the line. As we finished everybody took stock, and realised how much we had put into the race. Many people cramped up as soon as the adrenaline subsided, and Gunnar had successfully managed to start, grow, and burst a blister, without even realising. All in all it was an extremely enjoyable row, in challenging conditions, and we feel that we have achieved a result to be proud of. (Swords)

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