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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2008

CFC in a single scull (Novice 1x)

Single sculls
Cynthia Chi Hill
Only rower in division
Time: 20:50
Well, I didn't get passed (oh, right. I started last in the division), and I stuck to the plan. Rated 29-30 downstream, kept it strong and didn't try to catch up to the massive junior sculler who was ahead of me. Upstream, rated 30-31 and steered my best line yet. Except for almost hitting the tree at grassy corner because I took it a bit close. Took it up for the finish, gave a good growl at the end, and am feeling pretty good. Not bad for a couple weeks' training.

If Christian had paid any attention, he'd realise there was no one else in my division. He'll also find his math is wrong... or he's calling me a man. (Cynthia)
Only 2 minutes 20 behind the next person in her division. (S.C. Mertes)

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