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May Bumps 2008

5th men's VIII

Coxed by: Hans Liu

Bumped Caius IV
According to Hans we gained 3/4 of a length on the start, after which overlap came pretty quickly. We must have held it there for about 50 strokes before finally pulling the trigger. The resulting crunch has left us with a damaged bow, but since Titan is hardly very aerodynamic anyway I can't see it making a difference!

Great result overall considering that we rowed below our usual standards - let's put it down to nerves and be 100% solid tomorrow. (Charles)
Rowed over
We gained about 1/4 of a length in the first 20 strokes and were rowing fairly nicely. Then Georg's seat came off. Then Zheng's seat came off. Then Jon's seat came off. Then Georg's seat came off. Then Georg's seat came off again. Then Jon's seat came off. Then Zheng's seat came off. All in all we rowed with 8 rowers for about 40 strokes. At times we rowed with 5.

Luckily the closest boat was Robinson chasing a double overbump. Despite rowing in sixes, we held them miles away with little trouble. As Harry put it, it was the apocalypse but the four horsemen didn't show up.

I didn't think we could row much worse than yesterday but clearly I was wrong! Come on guys, we can do so much better than this. We were faster until the chain of disasters, so let's do ourselves justice with a good bump tomorrow. (Charles)
Bumped by Christ's IV
In classic bumps style, we put in our best performance today and were bumped easily by the much bigger and stronger Christs IV. I look forward seeing Christs IV bump Christs III and the ensuing massive fine.

Anyway, let's blitz it tomorrow and hope that the gods of bumps throw some improbable luck in our direction. (Charles)
Bumped by CCAT II
Fought hard but due to an unfortunate performance on the second day and an unforgiving set of crews around, it was not to be an overall rise for M5. However, I feel the crew has made leaps and bounds this term from the crew who could not get onto Lents to a crew who gave a reasonable, if rather unlucky at times account of themselves in May Bumps.

Well done on your first Bumps, (Charles aside, whose experience was invaluable), and I hope you will be returning to bolster our Mich term squad next year. (Jij)

1. CCAT win their bump
2. CCAT II aren't far away
3. Crew rowing together...

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