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Head of the Cam, May Term 2008

3rd men's VIII (College VIIIs)

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova

58th overall, 33rd college VIII, 2nd fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 11:04
'Bit of a shambles' is the way I will hopefully forget this race. We wound down as we passed the P&E realising about a minute later the finish was at top finish. Oops!

A good start, possibly needing a bit more time on the slide, but certainly getting the boat moving.

Speed dropped on the reach and we fell apart after the railway bridge as we tried to wind to the finish.

Only overtaken by Girton I and Jesus II.

We topped the fly and die index - under 4 minutes to the plough followed by a further 7 minutes to the finish. (Thomas)
I am still upset with myself for not making 100% sure where the finish was and just assuming it would be at the P&E as we thought. I apologise for my foolish mistake!
Otherwise the race went well and I was pleased with the performance for a scratch crew. Once we get the fitness back we should be able to keep it tidy and controlled also for the last third of the race and do much better next week. (Sonya)
2nd fastest 3rd VIII (beaten by Pembroke M3 and M4). Beat LMBC even though we wound it down way too early.

However more than a minute behind Fitz 2 and Pembroke 2, who are around us in bumps. I am giving it 30 seconds for being a scratch crew and winding down too early so we still have a lot of work to do. Girton 2 (the crew in front of us in bumps) were entered by scratched I guess. We managed to beat Queens 2 by 47 seconds, they must be awful. (S.C. Mertes)

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