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Fairbairn Junior Sculls, May Term 2008

TDC in his single scull

Single sculls
in Pike
Tom Coker
Beat Cusdin (Pembroke) by 8 seconds
Time: 8:21
Physically and mentally drained from the doubles race, I wasn't especially keen to participate in this race, and only slightly keener to win it. Sat at 32 pretty much the whole way, and didn't cope well with the slightly choppy water. The corners were pretty tough because I was almost too tired to notice them, and even when I did there was a considerable delay before I'd start doing something about it.

BJ did a pretty good job. I made it unnecessarily difficult by slacking off every time he said I was in the lead. Presumably I would've gone about 30 seconds faster if I'd taken the impeller off, but at least I know that my 500m splits were 2:00/2:09/2:06/2:06. (Tom C)
Quarter finals
Logistically difficult, and I had very little chance of winning. (Tom C)

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