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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2008

Gabor (Fancy Dress)

Coxed by: Oli McFarlane

1st round
Won by 6 lengths
Spackometer - 9.3

Some dodgy coxing from the other crew meant they plowed straight into us, but being the stalwarts that we were we won the blade clash and carried on rowing to victory. One of our least spacky rows, we held the rate low (26ish) and rowed away. (Jij)
2nd round
Won by 1/2 length
Spackometer - 9.9

Initially: some dodgy coxing from them meant they jumped in front of us and held it up just before they hit the bank. This was not beneficial to Richard's bow.

Restart: this was clearly our worst row and after throwing up hundreds of litres of water into the air with our blades of splash we got the boat moving through their half length headstart and began to pull away. Then we made a wild swing at the bank, narrowly winning the blade clashes with the mud and grass, but this cost us the ground we had made up. The push for the finish was big enough to see us through to the next round. (Jij)
In my defence, the bank incident only arose as I was focused on recovering fi's hat from the river.

Didn't recover the hat - but did win the race. Just.

Hat, you did us proud. (O.P. McFarlane)
3rd round
Lost by a lot
Spackometer: 9.0

We didn't row as bad but the Downing crew were clearly superior and were awarded a headstart. Evidently the Catz marshals just don't get Gabor as much as we do. Well rowed Downing.

The row back was definitely just a bit rushed. (Jij)

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