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Mich Term 2007

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Autumn Head (College VIIIs)

3rd fastest college VIII
Time: 11:31
Lost to Christ's and Pembroke. We can do better.

On the bright side, it was a scratch crew and we have 5 months 'til Lents.

Harriet not Dami. (Dami)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Student Novice VIIIs)

3rd Women's Novice VIII, 5th College Women's VIII
Time: 10:40
After a overenthusiastic start the crew quickly regained control, and held together with only minor lapses. By Ditton Corner they had caught up with a slower X-Press crew which impeded their line (though to be fair this is OK under the rules) and blade-clashed them before the finish line. The girls held together through the wash, and overtook in the last stretch of the race.

The only college women's VIIIs that posted faster times were a Christs' VIII which rowed twice, and two (I suspect actually one) Jesus VIIIs. (Magnus)
A good time, which I'm relieved about, given that I seemed to take the scenic route for quite a distance up Long Reach and I forgot to restart just after Ditton (sorry!)
Grassy seemed OK, but now I need to work on trying to take those corners slightly tighter, and also trying to refrain from shouting.....
Great work nonetheless girls! The rhythm felt generally very good and it was nice moving along at that sort of speed. (Mark)
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Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

Time: 17:23.95
Not bad, but not brilliant either. The rate wouldn't settle so there wasn't a chance to put in the good solid row we'd planned. According to Iain we kept up with Jesus until after the Plough, where we lost the rhythm/focus and dropped some time. Still, we were 15s behind them at Winter Head and only 20s over this longer course, and we never ever have to row this far again! (Harriet)

1. rowing home
2. bow four
3. almost done

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