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Head of the River IVs, Mich Term 2007

1st men's IV (S3+ (A))

Coxed by: Cynthia Chi Hill

173rd - 8th of 36 in S3(A)
Time: 21:18.9
We haven't raced this badly for a while, probably not since the Head to Head. I think we learnt a few things, otherwise it would have been a complete waste of time. (BJ)
An opportunity wasted. The pennant was winnable, and Strawson's CUBC 5 was clearly beatable. The first half was pretty good, making steady progress on the boats behind and in front. In retrospect, that we were only striking 32 should have warned us that something was wrong.

We made a mistake with the gearing. By halfway my lats and arms were burning, and soon became useless. The big turning point was when we hit a women's 4- who were unable to tell left from right when trying to get out of our way. In contrast to the day before, we restarted so sluggishly that they came back at us. From there on the boat felt so heavy that some of us were wondering if Strawson had sacked his race to try and waterski off our stern.

If we'd come down on Friday for a paddle I think we could've been 30 seconds quicker, no trouble. On the bright side, oh -- nothing. (Tom C)

1. Under Hammersmith
2. As seen in Varsity

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