The Club's Results

May Term 2007

First and Third golf team

FaT vs. BPBC Golf Challenge

Singles match 1
Garrod lost to Fisher (3 & 2)
Unfortunately any victories I had were only moral: my putt from off the green for bogie was a highlight, but as Graham went on to get par it was fairly irrelevant. Still a better round than my first attempt, but I should probably stop hooking every single tee shot. I like to think that it was down to the pressure that I was putting him under that he carded the best round of the day in this rubber. (BJ)
Singles match 4
Tanner lost to Bullock (3 & 2)
Well, kind words from Richard. He is a better golfer, actually having played on 'real' courses, and actually wearing golf stash! The scoreline doesn't reflect his true skill which is unquestonable. His putting did win him the holes, a skill I couldn't equal.
I'm so looking forward to next years 're-match'. Just hope I'm not paired with a university golfer again!
Thanks for a great round Rich! (Jim)
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FaT vs. BPBC Golf Challenge (Womens' and Adaptive)

Fourballs match 1
Porter/Jackson lost to Taylor/White (2 & 1)
Closer than we thought it would be. Down to the penultimate hole... T-shirts obviously weren't quite good enough... damn (Lyns)
Singles match 1
Weaver lost to Davies (4 & 2)
I was pleased with this effort. Left arms are over-rated. Though this was only my second ever round of golf, so maybe the improvment would have been even better two handed. but somehow I doubt it. who needs an outside arm anyway?

p.s. long live FaTAMS, (the adaptive multi-sport society - as though you had to ask). I think we should have an adaptive category at every future bpbc vs fat match. if not, I might sue you for discrimination. consider yourself warned.

p.p.s. don't think that it's passed me by that the 'womens and adaptive' matches were grouped together.. (Joff)
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