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Magdalene Silver Pairs, May Term 2007

Thompson/Weaver (Women's 2-)

Coxless pairs
in Amartya Sen
bow Erica Thompson str Lilie Weaver
Won by "something like a second".
Well. Bit of a wank start due to me winding it up rather too much, despite telling Erica reassuringly that we'd be fine as long as we kept our length, stayed relaxed, and just found the awesome rhythm we had in our 'cheating' outing (well we had to try the corners at least once, even if we forgot to practice starts..!). She duly called 'length' and 'relax', which finally happened in about plough reach. They'd definitely settled to a stronger, longer rhythm and caught up with us round the corners, but once we were on the reach we really settled down, found a good rhythm and gave it a some good FaT grunt into the wind. We pulled away from them steadily and pipped them at the post, by a definite margin, which Mark Jacobs (despite not having taken times for this race - the only one he hasn't managed to today apparently, nor timing the difference between the finish marshalls' hands) decided was 'about 1 second, therefore a dead heat'. I got rather angry, rather bluntly suggested that there's no way that he could know whether it was more or less than a second without timing it, and therefore contested his judgement. We await the results of this.. I'll restrain myself from saying any more until after then.
Thanks to the Jesus girls for a good race, looked like a v nice rhythm you had there (sorry Erica), though if you want to 'scare us' before the start you'll have to do a better job than paddling by and waving ;) (Joff)

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