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Lent Bumps 2007

5th men's VIII

Coxed by: Emma Smith

Bumped by Churchill III
Grrr. Chaos reigned at the start as everyone attempted to row in their own time. Poor old Prith was buggered, being halfway through a stroke to line us up at the gun, consequently fell off his seat.

Was almost amusing watching from bow, until the seriousness of things dawned.

Still, we're going to be better tomorrow... Honest.

Tom -- sod this 'bumping back' malarkey -- eyes on the overbump ... ;) (Stu)
The first couple of wind strokes felt ok from the front of the boat if not completely together. The draw started to fall apart.
We never really strode and the boat speed fell, and despite getting the timing back together a new push never happened and we slowly caved to a boat we shouldn't have caved to.

Lets go out tomorrow, heads up, push off the start and aim for a bump back (Thomas)
Rowed over
Churchill ahead bumped out early on pembroke - now down 2. We pushed off an unlucky homerton and held it together, just, until the end. (Thomas)
Much better row- unfortunately Churchill bumped out so fast that we never got a chance to have another go at them.

However, at least we avoided our disaster start of yesterday, while chasing Homerton headed straight for the bank. They gained on us at first but we just about held them off at a bit less than a length.
A combination of a Homerton crab and a good line from Emma round Ditton meant that we could finish the course in relaxed style.

I'm happy not to have had to race down the reach, which was as nasty as the bermuda triangle on a bad day.

I should add that this is my first head-to head race ever in which my crew avoided the worst possible outcome. I have to say I'm delighted! (Charles)
I'm not sure I'd call it relaxed, but we didn't panic -- certainly a good, solid rowover.

Now let's bump Pembroke (?) before the M'way bridge... :o) (Stu)
Charles, that's just not true. As the coach of last year's 5th VIII headship crew I'd like to point out that on three separate occasions you rowed-over ahead of the lock. And good work on retaining that headship this year! (BJ)
Bumped Pembroke III
Good work - even better than yesterday! At the risk of doing a Bullock, I think that's the first time a FaT 5th Lent VIII has bumped since 1998...! (BJ)
I've not checked, Bryn!

It was a good row though. Decent start and they moved well away from Homerton behind - despite them pushing off properly today. Round the first corner we had the first whistle, the 2nd came around the Little Bridge, 3 whistles under the Motorway Bridge. Overlap and the bump happened just before the Gunsheds. Homerton took quite a while to come past! Back where they started - and a good chance of getting CCAT tomorrow for an up-1 for the week. (Richard)
"Draw 4! Wind 1! Wind 3! Wind 4! Wind 8!..." :o) (Stu)
That was almost too easy after yesterday's race! The most satisfying thing was that we pulled nearly a length off Homerton in the short time it took us to bump.

This sets us up nicely for another go at CCAT- hopefully no disaster starts this time! (Charles)
The first Bump for 8 people in the crew... including one person on his 7th attempt. We are maintaining our 5th headship in style. The bump was a sweet reward for the row over in front of a closing homerton yesterday.

The race was far more comfortable than yesterday. the rating after the stride - for about 15 strokes - was lower than normal and felt better for it. As we gain in confidence we are improving.

Its payback time for CCAT for escaping on the first day after we were bumped. Churchill are faster than CCAT and homerton will get pembroke behind us leaving them no escape... (Thomas)
Bumped CCAT II
Congratulations guys! Knew you had it in you, well done on a good term's rowing, glad to end it on a high. Looking good for Mays! (Martin 'Fantastic Catches' Yarr)
A good start. Inside station to the motorway bridge where we got a length call. We were thinking it was going to be a long row.
A bit of spacking but CCAT had crabbed. 2 whistles and then 3 quickly followed. A last push led to a concession just before first post corner. (Thomas)
Very satisfying result. We had a tidy start this time, although with somewhat more conventional calls than on Friday. We closed steadily and CCAT started flagging well before first post. If only we'd done this on day one! (H. Braviner)

1. Well done Emma
2. CCAT II concede - on...
3. 5th VIII win a great...

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