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Cambridge Small Boats Head, Mich Term 2006

Jane/Coker (S4 2-)

Coxless pairs
in Amartya Sen
bow Dan Jane str Tom Coker
6th of 17 men's coxless pairs, 1st of 3 in Senior 4
Time: 11:48
Not our finest hour. The plan of not drinking the night before went awry when I got skanked into going to BA dinner at the last minute, but at least I passed on the port. So we weren't quite at our physical "peak".

The first 500 was pretty good. Things started to go wrong when the Queens double ahead repeatedly crashed, and Barry started trying to overtake them by shouting really really loudly. So we had to take some bad lines, and Barry's lungs got burned out. Eventually we did overtake, but the unfortunate irony was they were actually faster than us when they weren't attached to the bank. So they overtook us back, which made us very angry cats. It was a real slog up the reach and beyond.

On the positive side, we lost by about the margin I thought we deserved to (30 seconds), and we've improved around the front a lot. Also, we did win the S4 pots and chuckled accordingly at the Burrells party. (Tom C)

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