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Mich Term 2006

1st men's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (1st division)

12th overall, 11th fastest 1st VIII
Time: 12:48.8
A solid row which unfortunately didn't quite push us into the final. The highlight was a fantastic 1.27 pulled by Jan on the final leg to pull us right back into contention for the final. Don't fear though guys, as this is a solid platform from which to build on. Ergs don't float... (Andy S.)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Student Beginner VIIIs)

10th in Student Beginners, 133th Overall
Time: 11:15
it was our very first race and a really good experience; some of the rowers felt we finished the race with far too much energy to spare, and in a way thats encouraging, now what we gotta do is work on pacing it nicely so next time we get an amazing time! well done guys, you made it fun to cox because the boat was going fast :) (Jij)
According to PJs calculations we were 10th in our divison but what I think is much more important is how we compared to the other Cambridge crews (who cares about ICL). We were only beaten by 4 other crews (Queen's, Jesus, Caius and Selwyn) but left 8 crews behind us (inc. our own 2nd boat). We were only 33 seconds (PJ's got it wrong here) behind the fastest college boat which means we only need to catch up about 4.5 seconds per person (as mentioned Jij is just dead steering weight).

So guys as long as coach Pancratz keeps those stupid-amount-of-Ks-ergs coming and we (now with different blades) put that pressure down in time on the water we are going to be right up there for Fairbairns. Go NM1!! (S.C. Mertes)

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2. Down First Post Reach
3. Strong finishes

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Clare Novice Regatta (Cup)

1st round
Beat Sidney Sussex A easily
Our crew dealt better with the fairly tough headwind conditions, putting distance between the two boats steadily. Shortly after half way, having a good few lengths of clear water, Jij finally asked the crew to take the rate down and to solidly paddle it to the finish line. (Sebastian Pancratz)
Quarter finals
Beat Fitz A by 1 length
After the first few strokes, the Fitz crew was up a seat or two, but by the end of the start both crews were level again. Having had a better stride, our crew managed to walk up to half a length. Quite impressively, the Fitz crew did not give in at all, holding on for almost the entire race, with both crews rising up to this pressure. It was just within the last 20 strokes that our crew managed to pull out to a length, eventually seeing small amounts of clear water. (Sebastian Pancratz)
Well earned, they were strong but you did not break, a fantastic row right until the finish and the pain on your faces said it all right at the end.
Well rowed guys!!! (Martin Y)
Semi finals
Beat Jesus A by 3/4 length
After a slightly better start, our crew was two seats up. This was converted to half a length, which both crews held for about 200m. Then someone in the Jesus crew crabbed and our cew managed to get half a length of clear water. About half way through the race, someone in our crew jammed his seat, allowing Jesus to come back and gain some overlap, which our crew managed to hold on to. (Sebastian Pancratz)
Winners! Beat Fitz B by 2 lengths
we won clare novices!
seb's gonna get wasted tonight...
but brilliant effort lads, i cant quite believe how much power and commitment you put down, it was an awesome day, couldnt have thought of anything more worth doing! (Jij)
Our crew finished with about 2 lengths of clear water, which they obtained steadily over the entire course. (Sebastian Pancratz)

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2. PJ debates wonders w...
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (1st division)

3rd overall
Time: 9:42
Well after an interesting marshalling period where we managed to remove 750g of weight from the boat (it was 1 and a half bottles wasnt it Sam?) we hit the start of the race into a headwind which seemed to hit us wherever we turned. this was worrying for me before we started but the guys held up so well i wasnt even noticing it at the end. we pulled a good time and 3rd was a slight downer after our truimph at Clare Novices; god knows how the team we beat in the quarters at said competition pulled a time 20 seconds faster than anyone else. but nonetheless, another solid row and another big step towards our goal of NM1 staying together next term, but just being reclassified as M2 (Jij)

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3. Working hard

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Fairbairn Cup (Lower VIIIs), 1st men's novice VIII rowing as 3rd men's VIII

Fastest 3rd VIII (24th College VIII)
Time: 16:11.6
first race as seniors, and its a real pity that its our last race together as a team that's bonded so well from being complete newbies at the start of term to something resembling a proper crew! i dont know the exact details but we did take down a fair few senior crews, no small task for a team only 8 weeks into their rowing careers

all in all, a solid row, even though we didnt take m2 like we wanted to i think you guys can be proud of the performance you put in. its been a great term and i'll be a lucky man next term to cox a boat half as dedicated and driven as nm1 of mich 2006! (Jij)
Loving the photos - I've never seen a crew row Fairbairns in just all-in-ones before! (BJ)

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