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The Club's Results

University IVs 2006

4th men's IV (2nd division)

Coxed by: R.R. Fenn
Coached by: Neil Talbott, Will Thorne,

Quarter finals
lost to Christ's II by 15s
At the boat house, we could all think of millions of places we'd all rather be. We were armed with two outing as our crew and a lack of optimism.

Knowing Christ's had decided to send out their IV's ten times a day meant we had little hope of staying in front of them much past the motorway bridge. When as we were marshalling the heaven's open and we just got wet and cold and even more miserable. Our race plan of settling into 28-30 seemed like a big ask.

Onto the race, the draw stroke were simply shit.. no other way to describe it, however we wound it up to about 38 before surging to 34... which we maintained! At the Plough I felt like death, but coming round the reach where there was a lack of a huge headwind I felt my second wind. A push of epic proportions pushed us away from Christ's however they simply were a faster boat, the two boat stopping incidents just before the line meant the margin is bigger than it should of been, but otherwise the race was great! Simply exceeding all of our expectations.

Well done guys, we should all be proud of this today. (Lorry)

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