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FaT vs. BPBC Golf Challenge, May Term 2006

A golf match held at Cambridge Lakes pitch & putt, between Black Prince and First & Third.
Sun 21st May

Match Report

Let the event be recorded in the history books: 21st May 2006 marked the first ever victory for BPBC's multi-sports wing over First and Third, in the second annual golf challenge at Cambridge Lakes. BPBC's long-term development strategy (waiting for all the good players at First and Third to graduate) finally paid off with a hard fought, though ultimately convincing, win by six points to three.

With the continuous rain making low scoring (and keeping hold of clubs) difficult, it was BPBC who got off to the better start, winning the opening three matches. In a mirror of last year's match, the score was 3-1 to BPBC going in to the singles, and despite a couple of good wins for FaT, Black Prince managed to seal the victory before the last match was completed.

Star performers on the day were Richard Bullock (continuing his 100% success rate in these matches) and Graham Fisher for BPBC, both contributing two out of two points, and Jacob Shepherd (playing a captain's innings) for First and Third, with two points from his three games.

Thanks again to all the players, especially those who had to travel from afar or fit in their matches with the day's other sporting commitments. And thanks to Jacob for carrying off the difficult task of finding a team in the middle of exam term, when there were races and election hustings on the same day.

Mike Goodson

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First and Third golf team

Fourballs match 2
Lea-Cox/Coker lost to D'Arcy/Glass (1 down)
Jacob woke me up at 10.30 to "borrow my bike", and somehow I ended up at a golf course half an hour later. My assessement of the weather wasn't great, and the opposition could've been forgiven for thinking that I hadn't changed my clothes since formal the night before. Certainly I started playing as if that was the case, and we quickly slipped behind.

Fortunately our rate of improvement was even quicker, with Andrew getting a 2 to move us back into contention. I was swinging the club properly for the last 3 holes, and starting hitting the greens. But by then I could hardly see through my rain covered glasses and missed a couple of 4 foot putts. Combined with Glass's sensational finish (probably the longest shot he took on the hole), this led us to a narrow defeat. (Tom C)

1. Matt at the last
2. Matt on the 8th tee
3. Matt putting

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BPBC golf team

Fourballs match 1
Bullock/Carbonell beat Shepherd/Summers (3 & 1)
I'd not played much golf recently, and hadn't played a matchplay event since a guest appearance for the Uni 2nd team back in February (we lost..heavily). FaT put us into bat first, and a half-swing 54º wedge later, and I was within 5 feet of the hole - the opening birdie seeing myself and Raf 1 up. Raf's excellent 3 at the 2nd (despite allowing for slightly too much swing on the first putt) got us to 2 up - FaT had both missed the green and failed to make the par to halve. Alex's tee shot at 3 went to about 15 feet of the hole - I had to make a 3-4 foot putt to halve his par. Jacob elected to take an 8-iron on the 4th, but absolutely nailed it - well clear of the hedge at the back of the green! I had another pretty good tee shot and with 2 putts into the hole, Raf and I were 3 up. I think at this point Raf pointed out that I was still one under par with my own ball - after that, the golf deteriorated significantly. FaT also started turning up the heat. Jacob hit the flagstick with his greenside chip at the 5th and won a hole back for FaT. The 6th we took back, after Jacob lost a ball somewhere in the hedges at the back of the green. We were dormie up, but had to try and finish the job. Jacob decided that this would be a good time to attack, and a timely birdie at the 7th kept FaT in the match. Raf and I were both on the 8th green, in decent shape - needing only a halved hole to win the match. The two FaT players had both missed the green - and were in varying degrees of trouble. Our pars were good enough for the 3&1 victory. (Richard)
Fourballs match 2
D'Arcy/Glass beat Lea-Cox/Coker (1 up)
Tom and Andrew were looking a little rusty at the start of this one, and we moved into an early lead. Two up, teeing off at the 6th, we were getting quite confident, before Andrew putted from off the green for 2, with Darcy unrewarded for a good par.
At the seventh, FaT continued to build momentum, and I was very pleased to sink a tricky putt to at least halve the hole, before Tom missed one to give us the point. Two up with two to play and we were assured at least not to lose, but a couple of disasterous tee shots saw us lose the 8th.
At the ninth, Darcy's tee shot went sailing over to the lake, while I thinned mine about 15yds through the long grass. Darcy found his ball in the mud and played a great shot out of the lake, while I hacked my way onto the green in three. We were both 20ft away in three, with our opponents 6ft away in two - not looking good. Fortunately, I came up with the putt of my life for 4, then could hardly bear to watch as Andrew and Tom both came tantalisingly close with their efforts.
End result a win, but by the narrowest of margins! (Jon)
Foursomes match 1
Goodson/Fisher beat Lea-Cox/Kettle (2 & 1)
Having done the rather ungentlemanly thing of going out for a practice round earlier in the day, Graham and I were reasonably confident of being in solid, if unspectacular, form. We knew the opposition were no slouches though, and so it proved as we traded points on the first four holes, with Andrew holing a couple of long putts to win holes 1 and 3. At hole five things started to turn in our favour. A long putt saved our four and put us in front for the first time, and good putts from both teams on the sixth meant we shared a hole for the first time in the match. Another four on hole seven (our seventh consecutive four) put us dormie 2 up and with victory in sight. Nathan put the pressure right back on at the eighth, with (amazingly) his first putt of the round from on the green to take a par. But I managed to sink the putt that gave us our first par of the round to halve the hole and seal the win. Another four at the ninth gave us a round of 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-3-4. It may look uneventful, but due to the mediocrity of our tee shots (no greens hit) we were having to save all of those fours through tricky recovery play and pressure putts. Foursomes is a great fun format - I thoroughly recommend it. (Mike)
Foursomes match 2
Holland/Byrne lost to Shepherd/Walker (2 & 1)
Never played foursomes before, so was interested to see how it worked out. Swing was a little rusty and had a tendency to drop the ball short.
We went 2 down, managed to halve the 3rd and pull one back on the 4th after some dodgy chipping from the oppo.
Went behind again on the 5th, and ran further aground on the 6th to leave us down dormie 3. A flukey tee shot at 7 saw us pull it back to dormie 2, but a missed putt at 8 let the FaT boyz seal victory with a halved hole.
All in all an enjoyable round of golf, except for the weather. (Matt)

1. Chris on the final tee
2. Chris contemplates a...
3. The ball's gone this...

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<h4>Match Details</h4><p><pre> FOURBALLS A. Summers &amp; J. Shepherd 0 - 1 R. Carbonell &amp; R. Bullock 3&amp;1 T. Coker &amp; A. Lea-Cox 0 - 1 J. D'Arcy &amp; J. Glass 1 up FOURSOMES A. Lea-Cox &amp; N. Kettle 0 - 1 G. Fisher &amp; M. Goodson 2&amp;1 2&amp;1 J. Shepherd &amp; D. Walker 1 - 0 M. Byrne &amp; D. Holland SINGLES 2 up J. Shepherd 1 - 0 J. D'Arcy N. Kettle 0 - 1 G. Fisher 4&amp;3 D. Walker 0 - 1 R. Bullock 5&amp;4 3&amp;2 A. Lea-Cox 1 - 0 D. Darley M. Sargeant 0 - 1 C. Ingram 4&amp;2 <b>OVERALL MATCH SCORE 3 - 6</b> </pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
Cambridge weather: text

1. JPD having a go (lf)

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