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May Term 2006

First and Third golf team

FaT vs. BPBC Golf Challenge

Fourballs match 2
Lea-Cox/Coker lost to D'Arcy/Glass (1 down)
Jacob woke me up at 10.30 to "borrow my bike", and somehow I ended up at a golf course half an hour later. My assessement of the weather wasn't great, and the opposition could've been forgiven for thinking that I hadn't changed my clothes since formal the night before. Certainly I started playing as if that was the case, and we quickly slipped behind.

Fortunately our rate of improvement was even quicker, with Andrew getting a 2 to move us back into contention. I was swinging the club properly for the last 3 holes, and starting hitting the greens. But by then I could hardly see through my rain covered glasses and missed a couple of 4 foot putts. Combined with Glass's sensational finish (probably the longest shot he took on the hole), this led us to a narrow defeat. (Tom C)

1. Matt at the last
2. Matt on the 8th tee
3. Matt putting

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