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May Term 2006

Mixed VIIIs

Cambridge 99's Regatta (Mixed VIIIs), FaT/Christs/Darwin composite

Quarter finals
won by default against Corpus (scratched in fear)
They were scared of our power and might and didn't turn up so we sat around at Ditton and bantered with the boys. (Amelia)
Semi finals
beat St Radegund B by about half the course
Having four men in a boat makes a big difference I've realised - we started this race off at 40-41ish, nice and powerful (well, middle four at least) and took a length in the first three strokes. After this Ellen called a series of down-2's and we paddled over the line at about 22. (Amelia)
beat St Radegund A easily
Wound to 43, nice. We did the majority of the race at about 26 though, not wanting to tire ourselves out too much, and took it up to 36ish to cross the line. Barrel of beer, pots and comedy flavoured beer from Karthik too - result! :D (Amelia)

1. Two easy paddles dow...
2. Sepia on the balcony
3. Amelia's Head

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