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Maiden Sculls, May Term 2006

PJH in his single scull

Single sculls
in Stump
Phil Horler
1st round
Lost to Adam Dyer (Christ's) by 1 length
There was a pretty strong headwind on the reach, and the water was very choppy, but I'd done some training in fairly dyer weather so felt confident I could cope with the conditions. This, unfortunately, turned out not to be the case... Bryn tells me that I'd moved up a little in the first ten strokes, and then I caught an almighty crab and almost fell in. Having recovered I decided it would be best to rate lower and make sure it didn't happen again. The crab, and some rather tentative sculling (caused by wet and slippery handles after they got a soaking from the crab), caused me to drop back by a length in the middle third, which I then held for the final third.

All in all it wasn't a bad days racing, and I've had a lot of fun training for it. Apparently Adam went on to narrowly lose the final, which means I couldn't have been all that slow. Its just a pity that the quality of my sculling was dictated by the weather rather than my ability, but that's just the way it goes some times. (Phil)

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