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Fairbairn Junior Sculls, May Term 2006

TDC in his single scull

Single sculls
in Stump
Tom Coker
Quarter finals
Lost to Karthik
He said he hadn't done much sculling recently so I thought I might win. I didn't.

It started going wrong during the pause between "attention" and "go". Unfortunately I was busy buttering my second round of toast when the beep finally sounded, and my first stroke didn't produce any forward motion. I recovered OK but the outflow hit me very hard and I nearly capsized. After this ordeal I reckon I was a couple of lengths down, but found a decent rhythm at 31 which combined with his perilously wide line round Grassy left me a length and a half up at the Plough.

I lost my concentration slightly coming into Ditton, and had to corner quite sharply. It seems I'm using my forearm to turn, and by the time I was round it was completely burnt out. We were about level at the the start of the reach, but I was reduced to half pressure at 27 while he pushed it up a bit. I guess the margin would've been about 15 seconds if I'd bothered rowing it out.

The legs and lungs were still going strong so it's pretty annoying to lose it like that. Will have to work out a better way of cornering. (Tom C)

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