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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2005

1st men's novice VIII (Student Beginner VIIIs)

Coxed by: Nadira Huda

20th of 25 student beginner VIIIs, 12th of 16 college novice VIIIs
Time: 11:50
In the freezing cold of an early morning in the Cambridge winter, nine brave souls (and Dan Jane) set out in the good ship Richard Church to do battle on the Cam. After losing various body parts to frostbite, they set off down the course with a solid rhythm and good amounts of power going into the water.

The 11 minutes and 50 seconds of rowing that ensued were characterized by generally good technique and power. Unfortunately, the 1st novice men turned in a time not worthy of themselves, by choosing to row the course at a rating which most would call good for training, but simply too low for racing...

Next time we'll go out there and throw the kitchen sink at them. In the meantime we need to get back in the boat and focus on turning our power and technique into speed.

It should also be noted that a large number of seconds were lost due to having to hold it up at Grassy. Several coxes have reported that the 'good' ship is only good at turning right. Today's events seem to have confirmed that rumour, and to be honest it never seemd like the boat was going to turn at all, let alone complete the corner. Nadi made the smart decision to abort the corner before it was too late, and the 2nds subsequently opted for Peter Brandt. (Albert)
Not a great race- in mitigation, some of us couldn't feel our hands thanks to pre-race frostbite, and the coxbox and rating meter were both faulty... Technique coming on well though (P.E. Jefferys)

1. 1st men & women ...
2. Blades off the water
3. Still looking tidy

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