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Pairs Head, Mich Term 2005

Coxless pairs, Coker / Jane (S3 2-)

Coxless pairs
in Amartya Sen
bow Dan Jane str Tom Coker
11th of 23 in S3 2-
Time: 14:30
An excellent day out, easily the most enjoyable trip I've made to the tideway. Marshalling was more like sunbathing, none of the usual freezing cold and needing to piss so badly it hurts.

Less enjoyable was a powerful headwind in the first third of the course. We rowed ok in it, but I think it was blowing us away from the stream a bit, also it was really knackering. Crew 184, two places behind, were looking like overtaking soon after Barnes Bridge, and they went on to win S3.

We must've had a decent second half, losing only two lengths to them, but it didn't feel so great. The arms and backs were feeling very tired, and the rate was flagging a bit. The water was very choppy in the last couple of minutes, so we had a couple of shipwrecks before a decent push for the line.

The final reckoning? We were 30 seconds off the S3 winner, and an irritating 6 seconds behind Jacob and Colin. If Dan hadn't been on holiday in France the week before the race, and we'd ever practised on the tideway, I reckon we could've been quite competitive. Perhaps we can have a good run in the IVs... (Tom C)
There was a thick fog over Cambridge when we set off that morning and I have to admit I was expecting the worst. Instead it was almost tropical (almost, as in 'not at all') and we had a relaxed marshalling sat in the sun, watching a novice VIII caught in the stream taking out a few of the pairs below us.

The start was good, but it was difficult to hold a line in the stream with the wind - the lack of knowledge about where the stream was didn't help either.

Thanks to Simon Blackburn, the training we'd done a week earlier set us up fairly well and the rhythm came easily. The lack of other training on top of a rather scary wind made the forearms burn coming into the second third: We didn't make the most of the calm conditions here as the final push was again blown all over the place.

It was actually pretty fun - watch this space for more FaT/ composite sparring at the next one. (Dan)

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