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Mich Term 2005

Single sculls

Cambridge Small Boats Head (Novice 1x), CI (BPBC) in his single scull

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Cambridge Small Boats Head (Novice 1x), JWE in his single scull

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Cambridge Small Boats Head (Novice 1x), TDC in his single scull

8th of 13 in N1x, 42nd of 58 men's 1x
Time: 13:24
First attempt at the head course, or indeed any distance greater than 1k. Pleased with the first half - the guy behind (11:48) was a couple of lengths back at Ditton. After that it started to crumble, the wind was a bit gusty down the reach and knocked me over a few times. Then my right arm gave up, and the last 500 was reduced to a light paddle to keep me going in a straight line.

I reckon I lost 10-15 seconds going wide round the corners, but the main issue was falling apart towards the end. So let's do some longer pieces in training. (Tom C)
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Committee curry turned 2k (Committee Member), James Scott, MLBC

Won by 45s
Time: 7:15
A glass of wine while cleaning the boat house and two pints at the Curry King had James eating with his hands by the end of the meal. Despite this unimpressive pre-race warmup, and after an extended period of nodding off and prancing about in lycra, James nevertheless managed a respectable split even though he later admitted to "feeling sick if I rated above 24". Well done, James, on beating the KSS by 45s and securing the drunken 2k championship. (Dami)

1. Committee Love
2. The Victor
3. Looking knackered po...

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Committee curry turned 2k (Committee Member), Amelia Russell, KSS

Won Moral High Ground
Time: 8:00
Despite losing to a drunken Texan, Amelia can be said to have claimed the moral high ground in this race. Throwing down the gauntlet after a stint of hearty drinking in the Curry King, she gave James a run for his money, despite being forced to race in an all-in-one she had obviously just purloined from the Drying Cupboard. Good effort Amelia, but next time make sure you've *properly* drunk James under the table before attempting to out-erg him. (Dami)

1. Amelia's warm-down
2. GO!!!
3. Attention...

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