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Mich Term 2005

3rd men's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (2nd division)

4th of 29, 2nd of 11 C crews
Time: 13:17.7
I watched this division from the balcony, and it was nail-biting stuff. We'd taken the lead in the first half, setting a blistering pace to put more than ten seconds into the closest contenders - Maggie's. Unfortunately it became clear during the second half that LMBC had placed their strongest guys late in the order, and our task became one of damage limitation. Gutsy efforts from our guys meant that we held them off until the 8th man, but there was nothing we could do to prevent them overtaking in the last leg. Agonising to watch, but nevertheless a very encouraging result. (Albert)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Student Beginner VIIIs)

17th of 25 student beginner VIIIs, 10th of 16 college novice VIIIs
Time: 11:40
Very committed row, right up to the end when they managed to stop a magdalen (oxford) crew.

And don't worry about the girls who overtook you. It was a CUWBC crew - they're *almost* men, in a purely rowing sense ;) (Dami)

1. underneath the motow...
2. Emma
3. back at the boathouse

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Clare Novice Regatta (Plate)

1st round
I wasn't sure whether or not to put "easily" in the Result, as I wasn't there, but from the sounds of things, LMBC D didn't pose too much of a problem. It sounded like our guys just rowed better and faster. Just as we always knew they would :-) (Albert)
2nd round
Lost to Clare B
An unlucky defeat at the hands of a Clare 2nd crew. I missed the start, but apparently an unfortunate crab lost us most of a length off the second stroke. From there, I watched a resurgent and determined FaT crew gain on Clare with intent, but to no avail. A seat explosion and subsequent loss of rhythm put victory beyone reach, but there's no doubt in my mind who the faster boat were. Crabs and falling-off-seats happen - but they don't have to. Lesson learnt. (Albert)

1. Marshalling

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Novice Fairbairn Cup (1st division)

28th Novice Men's Crew, 3rd of 11 3rd Boats, 26th in Division 1
Time: 11:36
An excellent start and a tidy first corner under Elizabeth Way saw the crew in a good position as they came through the gentle bends before Chesterton. The rhythm started to flag a bit as the lungs and legs seemed to catch on to how long a race Fairbairns is, but after drifting a bit wide around Chesterton corner, the guys seemed to find the reserves they all knew were there. Emma called for a nice big push coming past the Pike and Eel, and the boat really lifted.

By this time Rachel, Albert and I were all spurring them on from the bank, and when we passed the railway bridge, it was awesome to discover that the entire 1st VIII were there waiting to run alongside us and join in the cheering! I think the crew will agree what a huge factor that was. Forget finding just 1 higher gear -- they seemed to find about 4 or 5 higher gears, and rapidly shifted up through all of them! As guys in the bows shouted their encouragement, the boat absolutely flew through the last 200 meters; it was the gutsiest, most committed rowing I've seen from a novice crew all term.

Congratulations on a fantastic row, guys. We'll see how the times shake out after all the racing is done, but you definitely earned your "Senior" status today :-) (James)
Excellent race, beating a total of 8 first crews!!! Well done lads, I think we allknow how well we did, after seeing how knackered we were after the finishing line.

Also, the row back was fantastic, with may I say, a rather excellent substitute cox, when he wasn't nearly breakin Titan! (Andy)
Following on the bank, I thought you guys rowed your best piece of the term today. Together, committed, sustained and crabless. Can't ask for much more than that can we? Congratulations on a strong result, and hope to see you back next term! (Albert)

1. With the 2nds
2. Sepia
3. NM3 2005

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